Critic or Coach.

Which one are you listening to?

It is easy to distinguish between the two – one leads you towards the life you want and the other leads you away from it.

The critic will tell you: “I always stuff up”; “Nobody loves me”; “I’m worthless/stupid/useless/a failure”; “I’m no good at relationships/with money”.

The coach will use words like: “You can do it!”; “I believe in you”; “You’ve got what it takes”; “What a great start”; “Look how far you have come, now let’s see how far you can go”.

Athletes choose coaches for their skills and expertise in bringing out their best performance – they want to improve and win. A great coach encourages and inspires an athlete to strive and achieve – even when it’s tough – especially when it’s tough.

If a coach is not serving them, then they find another one who will.

What’s the quality of your inner coach?

Is it encouraging and inspiring you – or is it time for a change?

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