What is Low Self-esteem?

Do you have someone in your life who doesn’t seem to think very highly of themself? Do you struggle to hold yourself in high regard? Always putting yourself down, blaming yourself and focussing on your weaknesses?It may well be that low self-esteem is the issue. Low self-esteem is when a […]

What that Anger Might Be Telling You

Strong emotions such as anger and anxiety can be an indicator of underlying unresolved issues. This is what Jane and John discovered when they found themselves struggling in their relationship. When high stress from a demanding job resulted in John becoming emotionally unavailable in his marriage, Jane noticed feelings of […]

When Thoughts Hurt

  Painful thoughts – none of us are immune. They pop into our head and go round and round like a bunch of chattering monkeys on a merry go round at the fair. It’s well and good when the thoughts are enjoyable and helpful but what if they’re not? Everybody […]

Painful Emotions

To live a full human life is to experience the full range of human emotions. Somewhere along the way though we got the idea that only “good” and “positive” emotions are acceptable to feel. When difficult and painful emotions surface, we often suppress them – bottling them up or putting […]

Great Self Coaching

Critic or Coach. Which one are you listening to? It is easy to distinguish between the two – one leads you towards the life you want and the other leads you away from it. The critic will tell you: “I always stuff up”; “Nobody loves me”; “I’m worthless/stupid/useless/a failure”; “I’m […]